Born of the north.

Poetry by Olaf

Born of the north.

December 15, 2018

Born of the north with frost in my eyes

The ice in my veins will not subside

Hunger and the pains that we all endure

Shall come to pass due to foreign lore

Launching our ships under full moon light

Not resting at day or sleeping at night

Feel the fire burning deep within

Honoring our Gods as the voyage begins

Braving the wind and the cold rain

Survival of our people will be our gain

Releasing the ravens to see through Odin’s eye

Not to return there is land nearby

Drop down our sail and prepare to row

Through the rain and mist the rocks do show

Anchoring our ships just off shore

Our armies are ready to fight and to war

Sword is sharp and ready to strike

Enemy’s blood is the plan for tonight

We will take no hostage and let no one go

With our Gods by our side the blood will flow

The desolate land from which we came

Our fallen brothers blood not shed in vain

Hand full of dirt and a smell in the air

Feeling adrenaline rush as we prepare

Stalking through the woods all senses on high

Looking for the village we saw a scout nearby

Archers grab your arrows Archers grab your bows

Lose all the arrows before that horn blows

Dying of hunger and parched from thirst

Village has been spotted get ready for the burst

Blow from the axe was the very first strike

Crunching of bone and screams into the night

© 2018/2019 NORSE ARTS LLC

© 2018/2019 NORSE ARTS

© Olaf Roaldsen