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Viking Shields

Our shields are constructed with 3/4" tongue and groove SPF. Hand heat carved with custom design. Wrapped with heavy leather including handle and shield boss.

Hail to the Warrior


Olaf Roaldsen is a  Canadian mixed media artist with Norwegian bloodline who is passionate about protection of all that is sacred and good to our kinfolk.

Hail to the Kinfolk

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God Poles

As many people call them Totems, our God poles and Idols have a very distinct look to them. When one preforms Blót the idol is an image of focus to connect spiritually with that Deity.

Hail to the Æsir – Vanir


We construct our creations in a styles that fuse

Broa style c. 750 to c. Urnes style 1125 and beyond.


Midgard is the giver of abundance for all life. Creating from recycled materials in our works is important.  Preservation of our great forests and rivers is key for survival.

Give the gift of knowledge to gain wisdom.

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